Vestal Manufacturing Enterprises, Inc.

76 years in business
200-499 employees
Top U.S. manufacturer

For over 65 years, Vestal Manufacturing has provided quality USA-made gray iron castings to our customers.

American craftsmanship and technology, backed by a focus on quality, are integral parts of any Vestal casting. Our goal is to produce superior products on a timely schedule, at the most reasonable cost.

Founded in 1946, Vestal Manufacturing is located in Sweetwater, Tennessee. Vestal Manufacturing's facilities consist of a 103,000 square-foot foundry pouring Class 30-35 gray iron and a 105,000 square-foot steel-fabrication plant.

Our foundry offers a wide variety of capabilities.

Vestal Manufacturing is extremely proud of its modern gray iron foundry and steel fabrication plants. Our skilled and experienced technicians are dedicated to producing quality castings that meet your specifications.

In 1945, three brothers returned from World War II with a desire to start their own company. In 1946, the Vestal brothers founded Vestal Manufacturing Company. From the very beginning, the company has operated a gray iron foundry and a steel fabrication plant in Sweetwater, Tennessee. Early products included wood heating, cooking appliances and a line of agricultural products such as seed boxes and soil pulverizers. In the mid '50s the company began to manufacture cast iron and steel building products for the single family home construction market.

Today the company has over 210,000 square feet of manufacturing space for its facility located on 50 acres in the Sweetwater Industrial Park. The company is the world's largest producer of cast iron dampers, cleanout doors, ash dumps and fireplace grates.

In the mid eightes, the company began to produce light-weight, non-traffic bearing municipal castings. Currently, the company produces one of the most complete lines of light weight municipal castings in the United States.

Vestal has never lost sight of the original goal of being an industry leader in product quality, product selection and customer service — all at competitive prices. Today Vestal products are shipped all across the United States and throughout Canada.

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176 Industrial Park Rd
Sweetwater, TN 37874


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