The Narmco Group

77 years in business
1000+ employees

Since 1980, Matthew’s sons, Don and John Rodzik, have provided leadership in the capacity of Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer.

The NARMCO Group is a leader in the Automotive Industry for Metal Stampings and Assemblies. NARMCO supplies customers with competitively priced, high quality and dependable serviced Metal Stampings, Roll Forming, Modular & Mechanical Assemblies, and Coated Products.

The Narmco Group is a financially strong privately held Group of companies located in Canada, USA and Mexico. The Group continues to be a leader in the supply of high quality metal stampings, roll forming, assemblies, and its related services to the Automotive Industry.

The NARMCO Group utilizes the latest technology within our assembly processes. The use of flexible cells and inline processes allows The NARMCO Group to continue to bench mark themselves in the industry for efficiency, technology, quality and costs. To supplement our in house abilities, NARMCO has close associations with many global manufactures of automated assembly equipment and tooling.

The NARMCO Group’s capabilities extend to producing high quality Class A surface panels, outer skins and decorative finished products. NARMCO has the capabilities to design stamp and assemble these products that demand extra care and attention. NARMCO provides the mechanical assembly and functional testing for these products.

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