52 years in business

Plastic Vacuum Forming manufactures plastic hunting blinds designed for the durability and affordability that hunters demand. We know that our customers need hunting blinds that stand up to extreme weather, and are easy to clean and maintain. We also know that, given a choice, most hunters would rather spend extra time in the blind than on the job making money to pay for a more expensive blind.

The photo to the left is of our original black blind with the double sliding door. It has been in front of our building for over 39 years!!!

If there is any sign of damage at the time of receipt, refuse the shipment. It is extremely important that whoever signs for the shipment notes any apparent damage or anything missing in the shipment. We cannot file a freight claim with the carrier if the claim information is not noted on the freight bill, and we will not replace damaged or missing items without a notation on the freight bill.

A tower should be able to be assembled within 1 – 2 hours by two people. You will need to supply an open end ½” socket wrench and a deep ½” socket wrench.

Tinted window covers, 2 per window opening. (Should be installed one in each channel, then overlapped)

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