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Our Commitment Statement epitomizes our Tsuchiya North America companies at their core. Essentially, it is our customers and employees who are the most important people in our business. We value their knowledge, experience, and feedback—all important hallmarks of the Toyota Production System. Ultimately, they enable us to become a learning organization through relentless reflection (hansei) and continuous improvement (kaizen). As a current or potential customer of TASUS, you won’t be disappointed with the performance of our team.

TASUS Corporation is a premier supplier of plastic molded components, converted products and distributed products to the automotive and transportation markets. From our technologically advanced robotics and machinery to our unwavering focus on quality, testing, and the environment, we continue to set new production standards.
Our business philosophy communicates our robust commitment to quality, but it is our devotion to creating solid relationships with our customers and employees that makes us a true industry leader. Our practice of continuous improvement spans every facet of our business practice, and has enabled us to not only succeed, but expand through launching new facilities to incorporate new and advanced capabilities.

At TASUS, we take our focus on quality seriously, and it shows. Our employees have committed to continuous improvement in all of our processes and procedures. We also have stringent testing guidelines in place to ensure our products meet the strictest standards of excellence, every time.

For this week’s employee spotlight, meet Tony Smith, a production operator at TASUS Alabama. He has been working with TASUS for three years. Fellow employees describe Tony as funny and […]

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