Stuke Iowa

30 years in business
1-9 employees

Our knowledge in different business industries allows us to provide you with innovative plastic solutions. We are open to supply further lines of business.

Stuke offers in-house painting. The painting is performed in accordance with the customers’ requirements.

Also know as additive manufacturing which makes a three dimensional solid objects from a digital file, for ABS, PC, PEI (Ultem) …

Force majeure entitles the supplier to delay the delivery for the duration of the event with an appropriate time for implementation of alternative forms of production; or complete only a portion of the contract as may be allowed by exigent circumstances; or to withdraw from the contract completely. The definition of force majeure includes, but is not limited to, strike, lock out or unforeseeable circumstances, i.e. operational disorders which make a timely delivery impossible for the supplier despite reasonable endeavours. The supplier shall provide evidence of such endeavours upon request. These terms also apply to sub-contractors hired by the supplier as necessary to complete the contract. The supplier must determine the ability to fulfil the contract within two weeks of the beginning of the event. After this two week period, the purchaser can withdraw from the non-fulfilled part of the contract. In the event of force majeure, the supplier will notify the purchaser immediately. The supplier shall minimize adverse effects for the purchaser, if need be, by providing the purchaser access to dies and/or associated tooling for the duration of the event.

If a delivery date agreed upon is not met due to actual fault of the supplier, and if the supplier has not acted with wanton negligence or deliberately, the purchaser is entitled to claim limited damages for the delay or to withdraw from the contract, excluding further claims. The damages will be limited to 5% of that part of the contract that has not been delivered as agreed. A withdrawal from the contract is not allowed if the purchaser himself is in default of acceptance. The purchaser has the right to prove damages in excess of 5%.

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1498 Highway 16
PO Box 80
Houghton, IA 52631


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