Sitco Antennas

60 years in business
10-49 employees
Top U.S. manufacturer

SITCO Antennas Co., has been in operation for over thirty years.

This company, a subsidiary of Simplicity Tool Corporation, started operation in the winter of 1952. In the summer of 1954, SITCO first introduced its famous Quad Phased Arrays. Since this time over 3200 of these Quads have been placed in successful CATV operation throughout the USA and the world. They are physically designed to withstand the severe elements of weather encountered at desert country sites as well as high, gusty wind sites in mountain areas.

The heavy duty mechanical structure of the SITCO Antenna arrays are designed for secure continuous operation under conditions of corrosive action, ice build-up and wind pressure. After a period of fifteen to twenty years many of our early arrays are still in successful operation today.

The SITCO CATV Series antenna arrays are designed for the cable system "head-end" sites. This series fills the need for high gain deep fringe antenna arrays.

The SITCO MATV Series solid bar antenna arrays are specifically designed for installations such as are required for Motels, Condominiums, Resort Complexes, Hospitals and Residential development areas.

The CA and MA-Series arrays are specifically tuned and cut to the individual channel (one channel only). With high gain and sharp forward pattern, these arrays will insure excellent picture quality, due to the reduction in multi-path signal "pick-up".

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10330 NE Marx St
Portland, OR 97220


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