Shaw Development, LLC

63 years in business
100-199 employees
Top U.S. manufacturer

Shaw Development LLC is a global fluids management specialist providing innovative component and system level solutions to OEM’s within the commercial and military heavy duty ground vehicle markets.

Shaw’s aim is continuous and intelligent investment in research and core competence to develop processes, equipment and systems expertise establishing Shaw as a seamless extension of its customer’s development team.

Shaw specializes in custom engineering, prototyping, short-run production verification and manufacturing of its customer’s fuel system, hydraulic fluid line component, plastics injection molding and Diesel Emissions Fluid (DEF) challenges. Shaw’s proven staff, dedicated to operational excellence, is poised to become your technology partner.

Shaw Development® is proud of its heritage. Currently owned by the third generation of Shaws, the company traces its roots through successful companies, challenging industries and great forbearers.

Frank Shaw started the first Shaw company in 1944. Shaw Metal Products was a New York based machine shop supporting the military through the end of World War II and the burgeoning regional aerospace market.

Shaw Development® also successfully utilized aerospace refueling technology to make dramatic improvements in ground vehicle fast fueling systems. Historically, ground vehicle refueling systems utilized a simple float system that would cause pressure to build in the fuel tank. This lead to countless burst fuel tanks and/or over-filling the tanks wasting the fuel that spilled on the ground. Shaw Development’s® innovative solution introduced a pressure less refueling system that enabled the market to also innovate and move to composite rotationally molded fuel tanks. With broad appeal, Shaw has subsequently converted the majority of the OEM market to pressure-less refueling systems.

At a critical time of need for the country, Shaw Development® developed a ballistic proof fuel system for an MRAP (mine resistance armor protected) program. Stemming the loss of life of US soldiers fighting was a paramount priority. These vehicles were effective at eliminating the deaths caused by roadside IEDs in that environment. Shaw Development’s® fuel system was critical in supporting that mission.

Shaw Development LLC is a global leader in fluid management solutions for on and off road heavy duty vehicles, aircraft, and fluid transfer systems.

With sales affiliates and distribution networks in the U.S., South America, Europe and Asia, Shaw Development is in a unique position to service customers on all continents.
Shaw Development is a leading supplier to blue chip companies in construction and mining, agriculture and forestry, locomotive, military, stationary power, engine manufacturers, fluid transfer companies, and the aerospace industry.

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