Schmiede Corp.

59 years in business
100-199 employees
Top U.S. manufacturer

Schmiede Corporation offers advanced CNC Machining, EDM, and Grinding Services.

We specialize in close tolerance precision machined parts and assemblies for the aerospace, defense, and commercial industries. Management is dedicated to providing the best equipment, technology, and facilities to attract the best craftsmen.

Schmiede Corporation is a woman-owned, small business machine shop with over 150 skilled, non-union employees. Schmiede is most competitive with complex, difficult-to-machine, tight tolerance (< ± 0.001″), low to medium lot production, and prototypes that require exceptional quality and processing traceability.

All employees of Schmiede Corporation are committed to driving customer focus by delivering a quality product on time. We continually strive to improve our jobs and processes to achieve customer satisfaction.

Our QA department is intimately involved in making continual improvements throughout every step of manufacturing and processing.

All instrumentation, tools, gages, and machines used to inspect manufactured components are periodically calibrated to conform to the National Institute of Standards & Technology. To meet our commitment to our customers, we maintain our Quality Registrations.

Schmiede Corporation is a dynamic and growing business with a reputation for quality, performance, and dedication to its customers. The management philosophy of acquiring the best people, machinery, technology, and plant facilities has enabled Schmiede to meet and exceed customer’s needs on their most highly demanding projects.

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1865 Riley Creek Rd
PO Box 1630
Tullahoma, TN 37388



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