Rubix LS

7 years in business
1-9 employees

To truly close the gap of health inequities in therapeutic outcomes, we’re creating and utilizing platforms that propel us to become proactive in our therapeutic quest for science and discovery to treat every patient.

Founded in 2016, Rubix LS (Formerly Rubix Strategies) is an engineering development firm to where it matters the most, at the intersection of life and science. We're championing the innovation development and deployment of life science technologies ranging from combinatory devices targeting rare and orphan diseases to changing the way our lives are evolving with the world. We're here.

At the core of our being is who and what we are. We've blended methodologies and technologies ranging from space systems and propulsion to life science and biotechnology. We're not just utilizing basic forms of research and development, we're also at the capacity of advanced and even prestige level forms of research and development where we've blended nanotechnology, material hybridization, discrete manufacturing, all forms of additive prototyping and more.

With tools at our disposal, we’re supporting and delivering services for life science companies to overcome their challenges.

We’re putting the power of science, data, intelligence, and discovery at work for you in one transparent process.  Sponsors, CROs, clinicians, patients and payers are looking for more than just healthcare options – it’s all about healthcare outcomes.  See how the data we provide, merged with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, are powering outcomes to be more inclusive and designing inclusive structures to bring wider demographics into therapeutic data sets.

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60 Island St
Suite 206
Lawrence, MA 01840


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