Ross Aluminum Castings, LLC

90 years in business
100-199 employees

Our vision is to create an organization where every employee has sufficient training and skills coupled with the creative freedom to contribute to the benefit of USAC Ross and our Customers.

USAC Ross, LLC is an Ohio based, US owned, state-of-the-art aluminum foundry which has been producing aerospace castings, performance racing castings, diesel engine castings and power generation castings for ninety years.

USAC Ross is one of the few aluminum casting suppliers that brings years of practical know-how and problem-solving to the challenges of today's transportation, trucking, power generation, aerospace, manufacturing and specialty automotive industries.

Ross is a full service aluminum casting foundry. Our reputation is built on producing precision aluminum castings with reliability, high quality and superior mechanical properties. You can count on our highly-trained engineering staff to help determine the most effective combination of alloys, aluminum casting methods, melting practices, gating design and heat treatments to meet your product performance criteria.

Whether you need 20 aluminum castings for prototype or 20,000 aluminum castings for production runs, there is no reason to look at other aluminum casting foundries, Ross offers complete and flexible services for fast turnaround and a quality casting. Our aluminum foundry offers on-site, value added services that can provide you machined aluminum castings fully assembled and leak tested. Most of all, we are committed to the most important standards of quality, delivery and reliability - YOURS. That's how we do business, and it's been that way since 1931.

USAC Ross offers several molding processes, including green sand, permanent mold, and dry sand castings. We offer the value added services of machining, coating, pattern making, impregnation and HIP processes.

USAC Ross maintains the integrity of our process flow with in-house critical processes such as heat treat, penetrant inspection and radiographic inspection. We control metal quality through frequent spectrographic checks of all metal prior to pouring.
USAC Ross has a solid reputation of working with customer engineering to identify critical material requirements and applying our casting expertise to meet the necessary properties and material characteristics.

USAC Ross Casting processes allow easy transfer of your existing tooling.
A variety of casting methods enable USAC Ross to meet all of your product needs and specifications. Green Sand, Dry Sand, and Permanent Mold are among the casting processes offered by Ross Aluminum Castings.

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815 N Oak Ave
PO Box 609
Sidney, OH 45365



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