Retlaw Industries, Inc.

44 years in business
10-49 employees

For over 40 years, Retlaw Industries has been producing quality injection molding tools which has led us heavily into injection molding and composite plastic part manufacturing.

The plastic injection molding experts at Retlaw Industries produce a range of quality thermoplastic idler pulley wheels, sprockets, sintered metal adapters and rebar chairs so you will find the right combination of nylon-reinforced plastic products for your pulley or conveyor system.

When it comes to food storage, plastic is one of the best and most common materials used – everything from soda bottles to Tupperware containers, food-grade plastics allow companies to safely store food and beverages in a convenient and affordable way. However, different types of plastic have different regulations in terms of how it can be used around food, and the plastic molding professionals at Retlaw Industries have the expertise to produce all our OEM plastic components adhering to FDA regulations.

On the other hand, the process of 3D printing allows melted thermoplastic material to be ejected through a spout and fabricated layer by layer inside the printer. It uses special technology to cure resin material into a solid shape or melt layers of powder into a particular part. This process can take several hours per component, meaning 3D printing isn’t as useful for mass production; however, often times it is better for creating a more precise part than can be achieved with plastic injection molding.

Both the temperature of the mold and the temperature of the melted plastic material have significant effect on how the finished product will turn out. Each type of plastic being used in injection molding manufacturing has a different melting point and optimal injection temperature as it passes through the nozzle into the sprue. This needs to be carefully monitored during the process, and can change as the material works its way through the process. Some of the recommended injection temperatures for commonly used plastics include:

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