Reliance Electronics, Inc.

14 years in business
10-49 employees

The PCB can also be used to for soldered components allowing the side opposite of the graphic layer to used for mounting displays, backlighting, or interface electronics.

BSEE/Electronics with 1 year experience as Electronics QA Inspector is preferred. Recent college graduate with no experience will also be considered. A high school diploma is also OK for persons with 3 or more years experience as PCB Assembly Quality Inspector.

This construction incorporates the conventional thin, flexible, polyester or polyimide circuit layer. This allows efficient manufacturing producing many circuit images rapidly using screen printing or etching processes. •

All kinds of substrates, FR-4, FR406, FR408, ISOLA 370HR, CEM-1/2, Teflon, Duroid, Polyimide, Rogers, Arlon, Nelco-13, IS410, Hybrid Capable, ITEQ180, High Copper Weight

Surface Finishes: Leaded Solder HASL OR RoHs Compliant Finishes such as Lead Free HASL, ENIG, Tin, Silver and OSP

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