Rage Corp.

With expertise in a wide range of polymer materials, processing technologies and applications, RAGE is well positioned to apply the latest technology to develop and deliver the optimum solution for product performance, cost and quality.

With the most innovative and efficient technology and the help of a skilled and talented workforce, RAGE will supply you with superior products, components and assemblies to give you a competitive edge. We work directly with the customer to develop innovative solutions, giving equal care and attention to every project, large and small. With our expertise and sophisticated systems, we can produce almost any part imaginable.

RAGE was created in 1964 to meet the growing need for the advancement of polymer processing. RAGE launched its first production facility in Columbus, Ohio, and routinely invests in facilities and equipment to meet the constantly changing needs of the industry.

Whether you are fully tooled and ready to launch production or are beginning with an initial concept, RAGE can help you produce your product or component with superior performance and quality and bring it to market at a competitive price.

RAGE Corporation: 3949 Lyman Drive, Hilliard, Ohio 43026-1274 – p 614.771.4771 – f 614.771.4770 – rageplastics.com

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3949 Lyman Dr
Hilliard, OH 43026


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