Some recent Applications of friction dampers in projects around the world. The dampers can be featured prominently or hidden within walls.

I was studying Mechanical engineering, and working on my Masters degree at Concordia University in Montreal. It was here that I realized the numerous interdisciplinary challenges being faced by engineers at the time. I met a group of fellow students of various engineering backgrounds and together we founded Mechtronix Systems inc. with a goal of developing interdisciplinary solutions to engineering challenges, hence the name Mechanical Electronics, Mechtronix. It was in these early days that an interesting opportunity arose, a well known professor at Concordia University had a challenging problem. He had patented a friction damper but needed experts in manufacturing and materials to manufacture it. With a first order for 150 friction dampers to be installed in the Concordia Library building on de Maisonneuve, I quickly went to work trying to figure out how to deliver that first production run, and just as quickly realized that there was a lot of room to improve!

Quaketek has a long history of manufacturing excellence stemming from our founder’s innovations and dedication to quality. Such is our commitment to quality and faith in the technology, that buildings containing Dampers built by Mechtronix (a partial list is cited below) are potentially eligible for Quaketek’s extended manufacturer warranty. Please contact us for more details on how to apply for the extended warranty.

Our team has more than 25 years of experience in manufacturing friction dampers which have been installed in hundreds of locations around the world. Our proprietary manufacturing methods ensure the safe operation of friction dampers and help to keep people and investments safe from earthquakes.

Our state of the art R&D and testing laboratory has a number of testing capabilities. A two axis shake table allows for testing of models and concepts at accelerations up to 2Gs, while our full size test rigs allow for testing of specimens of varying sizes e.g. 1,500kn (325kip).

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