Pull Buddy

A compression rod instantly damages your wall when installed whether it removes paint or wallpaper.

A “smiley” lip projects from the plate to give the rod extra support. A notch on the bottom of the plate locates the rod directly over the front of the shower so a decorative shower curtain hangs flush with the front of the shower. Once installed the Shower Rod Wall Protector become nearly invisible.

The All American Pull Buddy is ideal for pulling wire through conduit. An inexpensive, reusable tool no electrician should be without. Pops in existing wired boxes, guides and glides the wire to prevent damage to insulation. Self-retaining saving time and labor.

The Pull Buddy is simply placed in conduit, and acts like a pulley system for the wires coming through. Less friction is created, and wires just slide through the conduit. One man can now do the work of two or three with this simple little device.

The PAW™ International Two Stroke Buddy™. A convenient, practical, and safe way to keep track of the mixed fuels for all your 2‑stroke power tools. Attaches to the handle of a one gallon gas can. Cans not included.

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