Prodways Americas

200-499 employees
Top U.S. manufacturer

PRODWAYS GROUP is a specialist in industrial and professional 3D printing with a unique position as an integrated European player across the 3D printing value chain (printers, materials, parts, and services), with substantial value-added technological industrial solutions.

PRODWAYS GROUP is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of 3D printers, offering a broad spectrum of 3D multi-technology printing systems and a wide range of premium materials. The group’s activities also include the integration of Dassault Systèmes 3D design, simulation and optimization software. PRODWAYS GROUP caters to a large number of different industries including aerospace and health, for which it provides the levers needed by innovative companies wanting to shift to 3D printing-based production.

PRODWAYS GROUP ranks among Europe’s leading custom parts manufacturers, with several dozen 3D printers across the various 3D printing technologies. PRODWAYS GROUP also develops its own manufacturing for the podiatry (orthopedic insoles), dentistry (orthodontic pieces and dental trays) and earmold (custom earmolds and hearing protection) markets that is sold directly to healthcare professionals.

Prodways’ 3D printing offering covers a wide range of applications and industries thanks to the synergies generated by our range of products and the experience and expertise of our people.

3D printing in the automotive industry is now essential, additive manufacturing applications become more numerous, driving the development and adaptation of processes and technology to meet the specific needs and address the constraints of this rapidly evolving sector. Industrial 3D printers have opened new paths at each stage of production of motor vehicles; from the functional prototyping phases, design, and tooling production to parts manufacturing, the automotive industry is one of the pioneers in the use and integration of 3D printing in its processes.

Prodways is a significant player in the highly specialized dental segment and has developed a range of high resolution 3D printers, high performance 3D printing materials and services dedicated to dental manufacturing.

Prodways’ expertise and excellence in the dental segment can be attributed to several partnerships with the biggest names in the dental industry, including Dreve, Deltamed and DentoSmile and also with renowned dentists and leading international suppliers.

In the digital age, the dental world has modernized production to meet the growing challenges of innovation and productivity.

Production centers and mutualized organizations with an industrial mindset seek the manufacturing tools most suitable to their performance needs to meet requirements of both quality and profitability.

Additive manufacturing has revolutionized molding techniques by saving considerable time and reducing costs for small series. Whether for injection molding for thermoplastics, thermo-blow molding, or thermoforming applications, the industrial tooling industry is one of the pioneers in the use and integration of additive manufacturing.

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