Primetals Technologies

68 years in business
10-49 employees
Top U.S. manufacturer

Primetals Technologies provides metals producers with cutting-edge, custom-tailored plant equipment and services.

What does the future of the metals industry look like? Which technologies will set a trend? How can we increase customer value?

At Primetals Technologies, we ask questions like these constantly in the technology and innovation process to maintain our position as a leading lifecycle partner for the metals industry. In today’s global business climate, innovations are no longer evaluated only on their technological merits, but on aspects of organization and processes as well as the market situation. Primetals Technologies is setting trends in defined innovation focus areas along the entire metals production chain by creating distinctive value-addition for our customers. Our portfolio provides unique answers to customers’ challenges regarding raw-material availability and quality, environmental pressures, price competition and flexibility regarding steel grades.

Our latest focus areas include new ecological solutions for even greener steel production, the digitalization of all production-related processes, advanced automation as summed up by the term “Industry 4.0”, future-oriented designs for linked casting and rolling, as well as advanced process analysis and optimization. With thousands of references in steel-plant building and numerous next-level services partnerships with steel producers worldwide, we support our customers in setting new targets and shaping their future in the metals business.

As pioneers at heart, we explore what’s next in metals production. We are driven to pioneer new solutions that will define tomorrow’s world of metals. We aim high, we try hard, and we persevere. Our curiosity fuels our passion to find new frontiers. It is what gets us up in the morning. But there is something else we care about, and that is our customers in the steel industry. It is our mission to provide the best-possible support to metals producers around the world in all kinds of scenarios: from turn-key projects and the installation of new production lines to upgrades and metallurgical services, we build close partnerships with our customers to ensure that their operations remain profitable for years to come. We stand at the forefront of innovation for the global steel industry—for our customers, who expect us to push the boundaries of steel production. This is who we are, and this is what we stand for.

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5895 Windward Pkwy
Alpharetta, GA 30005


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