Precision Threaded Products

By moving the material into the shape of the thread rather than removing material, the grain structure becomes denser at the critical junctures, especially the root and flank below the pitch diameter.

Precision Threaded Products and its team of technicians, machinists and customer service specialists is dedicated to serving the needs of aerospace manufacturers and distributors who require fast turnaround on orders of 100 to 10,000+ pieces. We maintain a substantial inventory of certified raw materials, including high temperature stainless steels, Inconel, Waspaloy, titanium, and aerospace alloy steel.

These studs are expertly produced on PTP's Swiss CNC machines; threads are rolled on advanced thread rolling equipment. Shouldered studs are produced with wrench flats up to 1 inch, lengths up to 10 inches, and in thread length configurations to meet any requirement. As with all PTP aerospace fasteners and fastener components, we can accommodate stainless, alloy or superalloy specifications.

Size-on-size studs are similar to ring locked studs except that both threads have the same nominal diameter. This feature allows the stud to be installed into minimum size bosses. The captivated lock-ring provides a positive lock against rotation, transferring high torque loads from the stud to the base material while the stud threads resist tension loads.

PTP is an accredited supplier of high strength fasteners by Collins Aerospace (formerly UTC Aerospace Systems-UTAS) and PWA-LCS certification and GE Direct Source, and is included on DLA’s QSLM for Class 3 Threaded Fasteners. PTP has a robust internal Quality Management System (QMS) and is Federal Government / Military Build-to-Print approved.

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