Precision Graphics, Inc.

57 years in business
10-49 employees

High quality custom front panel manufacturer of graphic overlays, membrane circuitry, and machined aluminum. From rack panels, nameplates, and membrane switches to digitally printed labels and graphics, our custom front panels are second to none, just like our service.

Custom front panels, including high tolerance rigid layers, membrane circuitry, graphic overlays, and MetalPhoto® anodized aluminum. Our products range from custom front panels, rack panels, and rear panels to graphic overlays and membrane switch panels.

Graphic overlays and labels can be digitally printed as well as screen printed. Most of our high resolution graphics are printed on the second surface, which is the back side of polyesters, polycarbonates, as well as acrylic. This subsurface printing protects the ink behind the plastic it is printed on. It is most effective against abrasion, aggressive chemicals, and of course, every day handling. The overlay can be further protected by placing it inside a recessed pocket milled from the metal sub-panel. This shields the edge of the overlay by making it flush with the surface of the sub-panel.

Precision Graphics does more than just print overlays. We are equipped for extrusion, bar, and full sheet metal fabrication in-house, with aluminum being the most common. The unique and intricate dimensions of your panel are possible with our machining, punching, bending, hardware insertion, riveting, and welding services. The collaboration of machining substrates while printing overlays in the same facility means both departments can work in harmony to assure that all pieces of your panel will fit without qualms or delays.

Precision Graphics has earned its reputation in membrane switch panel technology with attention to engineering and customer service. We will help replace your PCB circuit. With our knowledgeable staff to design your circuit and a wealth of components at your disposal, we can serve a range of needs that others cannot. We offer oversized circuits up to 36 inches in length and we print them with quality inks to ensure a reliable product. Whatever your needs, the end product is one that you can simply plug in and bolt to your chassis for a truly effortless “plug and play” result.

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10 Clark Dr
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