Molyneux Industries

46 years in business
10-49 employees

Molyneux AX expansion adjustable rail clips have been used on crane runways to allow the rail to freely expand and contract.

Molyneux Industries manufactures two types of tie back linkages (crane girder surge connectors) which are used to allow crane girder end rotation on overhead crane runways. These bearing tie back linkages prevent the kind of fatigue failures that are common with traditional fixed tie back (diaphragm) connections. The Molyneux PFSL type tie back linkage has internal bearing seals. The TBL type tie back linkage is installed with external o-ring seals. Examples of both types of linkages are shown below. Both the TBL and PFSL type tie back links are available in a large variety of sizes and can be custom designed and manufactured by Molyneux to fit almost any project requirement.

Molyneux steel reinforced crane rail pad is manufactured from wear resistant synthetic elastomer which is unaffected by oil, grease, ozone and exposure to ultraviolet light. The crane rail pad incorporates a bonded steel strip which is encapsulated in the synthetic elastomer. Steel reinforced crane rail pad is for heavy duty crane applications. For the best results we recommend the use of Molyneux cam adjustable rail clips in conjunction with the crane rail pad.

Molyneux Industries, Inc. designs and manufactures customized products for ground crane rail systems supported upon concrete. These designs include continuously supported crane rail systems and rails supported on individual or discontinuous supports. Also included are cross-over rail systems and rail expansion joints. Features of these systems include:

The 9116 rail clip is typically used on smaller rails with lower lateral loading conditions. The 9119 rail clip is generally used in medium sized rail installations. The 9219 two bolt rail clip is designed for the largest lateral loading conditions. The 9519 rail clip is used on narrow rail support structures.

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