Molding Corporation of America (Mca)

53 years in business
50-99 employees

Mold cavities are built larger than the resultant parts to account for the tendancy of material to shrink when it is cooled and its molecules become less active.

A method of determining the hardness of a plastic material using a scleroscope. This device consists of a small conical hammer fitted with a diamond point and acting in a glass tube. The hammer is made to strike the material under test and the degree of rebound is noted on a graduated scale. Generally the harder the material the greater will be the rebound.

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We carefully schedule, control and monitor production using leading edge MRP software to consistently meet our delivery commitments. Ongoing preventive maintenance programs keep our facilities safe, optimized and in full-time operation.

Sonic Welding Capabilities shown to the middle right provide efficient, long-lasting welds between plastic molded components. MCA also offers Ultrasonic Inserting, Heat Staking and numerous other secondary services listed below.

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10349 Norris Ave
Pacoima, CA 91331


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