M&F Stringing, LLC

Most of our work involves mechanical stringing, but we also perform hand assembly work for projects outside the parameters of our machines.

We are a domestic manufacturer consistently committed to quality, with a team of experts standing by and ready to help. Our staff has years of experience to help bring your ideas and design concepts from prototype to production. M&F Stringing has a longstanding reputation as a premier hang tag stringing operation due to the consistency and quality of our work. In particular, we always aim to educate new customers about how our niche of the print industry can assist them. Consequently, we invite you to discover everything that M&F Stringing can do for you. Let us be a part of your next hang tag design and help your project shine!

M&F Stringing offers complete hang tag, envelope, and booklet stringing services. We offer mechanical stringing, punching, eyelet application, and folding. M&F also offers a range of hand assembly services for projects outside the parameters of stringing machines. Specifically, we offer hand looping and hand stringing for unique projects and multi-tag assemblies. We have a large inventory of different types of strings, in a wide variety of colors and finishes. Among these, we offer multiple weights of mercerized cotton, metallic lamé, solid color Pearlray and bi-color variegated Pearlray. M&F Stringing also offers a large selection of heavy cords, twines, and natural fibers such as jute and hemp. We also have a range of elastics, including specialized non-fray and metallic elastics. Notably, we offer a range of specialized strings with customization options as part of our Signature Collection.

We understand how packing and shipping activities are essential to the smooth functioning of any finishing operation. We offer a variety of different options for organizing, packing, and shipping your finished hang tags back to you, a fulfillment center or other facility, or even to multiple destinations, if needed.

Our stringing machines have different parameters for minimum and maximum loop lengths. The vast majority of our non-elastic strings can be in between 3″ and 8″ hole-to-knot. Our elastics, by contrast, are generally shorter loops, but vary by type. Our standard elastic can be from 1-1/2″ to 5″ hole-to-knot. If your tag must be strung shorter or longer, then hand assembly will be a must.

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2 Cortlandt St Unit 1A Mt
Vernon, NY 10550


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