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A one-stop shop for mechanical engineering and manufacturing services. We offer the latest and greatest in CAD, CNC machining, and precision inspection

Maximo is a mechanical engineer with a background in conventional and advanced manufacturing methods, power train design, vehicle chassis design, suspension design, metal welding and fabrication, and component & material selection. He has also worked on machine automation, integrating micro controllers and computer controlled actuators into mechanical system. Maximo has also worked on energy storage systems and power electronic units for electric vehicles, specifically retrofitting an electric vehicle system into an internal combustion vehicle. Maximo has a sincere passion for understanding mechanical and electrical systems, how to make improve them, and strives optimize solutions to the different problems individuals and the industry face daily.

Maximum Engineering has mechanical design and analysis experiences spanning many subjects of engineering including electronics packaging, autonomy, automotive design, aricrafts, and more. But possibly the most important aspect of Maximum’s mechanical design capabilities is our focus on manufacturability – a key guide for sound design practice. Our engineers’ machining experience and this mindset, in conjunction with other critical design considerations such as client input and cost, result in a path to efficient and precise design completion.

Maximum Engineering has extensive 3D metrology experience through various projects involving new part inspection, periodic part and tool calibration, and reverse engineering. Our staff is trained and skilled in the operation of portable coordinate measuring machines including FaroArm probing and scanning, as well as the FARO laser tracker operation. We can perform precision dimensional accuracy checks in house or on-site depending on our customers’ specific needs. We provide dimensional post-processing services including reverse-engineering model generation, dimensional accuracy reporting, and more.

Maximum Engineering is a quick-turn design and manufacturing group offering mechanical consulting, precision production, and metrology services for projects of all shapes, sizes, and industries

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