Laser Amp, Inc.

Specialized in laser cutting, metal bending and metal punching, Laser AMP is a market leader within different industrial and commercial sectors.

In this industry, where the margin of error is as small as ours, the key to our success comes from our thorough expertise in the field. It is by investing in each step of the metal transformation process that we have become leaders in the industry of laser cutting, metal bending, metal punching and metal treatment services.

Value-added metal components and an effective, innovative approach aligned with the needs of our manufacturing clients.

Laser cutting is a technology that uses a laser to cut materials. This technology is mainly used for industrial manufacturing applications but is also starting to be used in other applications (small businesses, schools, etc.). Laser cutting offers clean cut edges without dust accumulation as well as the option to cut various material thicknesses.

You will gain time and your project will benefit in quality. You will be able to manage your project easily, and you will benefit from lower overall costs thanks to economies of scale.

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