Lancaster Mold, Inc

50 years in business
50-99 employees

Early on, LMI performed business in a 7,500 square foot facility on Ranck Avenue in Lancaster City.

The all-electric Roboshot SiB series combines new servo technology, 10X faster control updates, a reduced-inertia injection unit and new advanced artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities for the highest "robotic" consistency and ease of operation. The SiB series' performance is ideal for molding thin-wall and precision parts. The Roboshot can provide reduced cycle time with overlapped functions and AI control for mold/ejector protection and metering/injection, making the SiB ideal for high-production molding of medical devices, gears and packaging products.

Today, Rick, Gary and Scott Rehm guide the Company under the same high standards in which LMI was originally founded. The second-generation ownership has provided a new vision for the future. This three-fold mission focuses upon manufacturing a quality product to satisfy valued customers’ needs, providing consistent employment with abundant opportunities for employees, and operating the firm in an efficient manner to insure success for many years to come.

The new Roboshot SiB injection machine, rated at 165 U.S. tons, has just been introduced to provide ultra-high-performance injection for precision medical, mobile phone, cosmetics and automotive parts. Combining a rigid clamping system with high-pressure injection capability as standard features, the 165 Roboshot model delivers the performance needed for tight tolerance molding with large molds and small shot sizes.

LMI’s dedicated employees provide our customers the luxury of a one-stop-shop for injection molding services. We have the ability of putting your idea to paper, building a mold on site, producing your first plastic parts and then shipping them to any location in the world. The benefits are numerous, but most important, is the ability to deal with one company from beginning to end. What could be simpler?

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2501 Horseshoe Rd
Lancaster, PA 17601



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