Klann Plastics

112 years in business
10-49 employees

Klann has decades of experience with insert molding.

We are always eager to evaluate new products for molding feasibility. The first thing we do when we receive a customer's product design file is to determine if the part is within our molding and material capabilities. If it is, we then look for features that could affect the part's "moldability" and a successful outcome—such as thick wall sections, locations of parting lines and ejection pins (appearance factors), gating, undercuts, proposed material, tolerances, etc. After evaluating all of these factors, we may suggest changes to the part that would make it easier to mold and therefore offer savings to build the mold and/or in the piece price.

Klann Plastics is a custom precision injection molding company. Our entire business is directed toward meeting your needs. We don’t have any proprietary parts of our own, so your parts always get priority. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified supplier, we are dedicated to producing quality parts, on time, with a high level of customer service. We serve a wide range of industries with many different types of thermoplastic resins, including filled and engineering grades, and offer several specialty applications - insert molding, metal to plastic conversions, clean room molding, short runs, and mold transfers.

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At Klann Plastics, quality assurance begins with selection of materials and suppliers, to insure compliance with customer requirements. We purchase plastic resins only from approved suppliers who provide a Certificate of Analysis that the specific material lot conforms to specifications. Frankly, there are always "deals" presented to us for material available without "certs". Klann Plastics does not participate in these for a simple reason: off-spec material could easily jeopardize the long term performance of our customer's part. From receipt to eventual use, material is carefully stored and handled to insure that it is contaminant free when molded.

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