INTA Technologies

44 years in business
10-49 employees
Top U.S. manufacturer

A "Woman owned Small Business" Is a world-class leader in Precious Metals Plating, Ceramic Metallization, Brazed Assemblies, Laser Welding, Glass to Metal Sealing, and Ceramic and Metal components Supplier.

INTA Technologies was established in 1978 as an R&D group to develop many technologies used in ceramic metallization and surface treatments. Today, with a 15,000 square foot facility in heart of Silicon Valley, a fully automated plating line, several furnaces, and with over 25 employees, INTA has become a production level Vendor-Partner for companies in the medical, aerospace, automotive, oil and gas and many other industries managing small projects, development programs, and high volume contracts. INTA is WBENC certified  Woman Owned Small Business.

INTA Technologies is a world-class leader in precious metals plating, brazed ceramic to metal assemblies, ceramic metallization, laser welding and more.

INTA Technologies provides superior, consistent high quality plating on CuW (Thermkon™), molybdenum, beryllium copper, kovar, stainless steel, titanium, ceramics, plastics, and many other conductive and non-conductive materials. We offer gold, silver, nickel, copper, platinum, rhodium, and other types of plating in several standards, types and specifications. With extensive heat-treat capabilities, engineering and technical staff, we are able to continually produce high quality coatings that provide high temperature, corrosion and oxidation protection.

INTA Technologies utilizes atmosphere-controlled furnaces, air furnaces and vacuum furnaces to form leak tight brazed assemblies. We can braze aluminum oxide (Al2O3), copper, kovar, molybdenum, copper tungsten (CuW), zirconia, beryllium oxide (BeO), silicon nitride, and many other materials. We provide brazed assemblies that are helium leak tight to 1e-9 mbar*l/s and better. We supply parts that are active brazed which are used in extreme applications that last for many years.

INTA Technologies produces metallized ceramic products using refractory formulations designed to provide one of the strongest bond strengths in the industry. Our capabilities include screen-printing, roll printing, hand painting, air-brush spraying, and centrifugal coating.

INTA Technologies laser welds complex assemblies, automation and repair applications, hermetic joints, and a wide range of metals including 300-400 series stainless steels, titanium, nickel alloys (kovar, invar, inconel), hastelloy and other high temp alloys. We work on different applications including: Medical device components, automotive, aerospace, electronics and micro components.

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