Fiber-Tech, Inc.

35 years in business
10-49 employees

With all of the sub-assemblies we offer, we can reduce your part numbers greatly. Our assembly department has experience in applying decals, installing bulb

In 1987, Dale Rogers started Fiber-Tech from the ground up. His first client, which became his “known for”, was Oscar Mayer. The company wanted to bring back the Oscar Mayer Wiener Mobile for a marketing campaign. Although a new company, Dale had years of experience making fiberglass parts for Excalibur, high-end custom car manufacturer. These high-end cars had to be top quality and could not have a single flaw in them before leaving the shop. Dale has carried on this standard for high quality to Fiber-Tech and has built a reputation for it. He has built six Oscar Mayer mobiles for the United States, two for Spain, and one for Japan.

Fiber-Tech is ISO certified 9001:2015. They meet quality requirements and exceed the customer’s expectations. All tooling is owned by their customers and is good for the lifetime of part. They do not charge for tooling maintenance. You can feel secure that purchasing tooling through then is a great investment with no surprises. Pay for the tooling once and that is all!

Custom molder of fiberglass composites for OEM markets national and international. Complete manufacturing cycle from initial concept & design through prototype & tooling with production in volumes from tens to thousands. Markets served but not limit to include agricultural & construction equipment, commercial rail, commercial turf, mass transit, telecommunications, transportation, aerospace & power generation.

With many processes such as hand lay-up, vacuum bagging, RTM, light RTM, closed cavity bag molding and precision trimming with our state-of-the-art 5 axis CNC routers, Fiber-Tech has all the tools necessary to consistently deliver the best product possible for all our customers needs.

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4155 Courtney Rd
Franksville, WI 53126


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