Eastmond, A. L. & Sons, Inc.

108 years in business
100-199 employees

President Arlington Leon Eastmond, Jr. has guided EASCO in its pursuit of product and service excellence, and he has succeeded in developing the company’s reputation for high quality, long-lasting products.

As evidence of the power of its brand, especially for its custom designed, field-erected boilers, EASCO’s longest client relationship has lasted for more than 40 years. As a fully insured and bonded company, EASCO offers one-stop solution for public and private market needs. We are dedicated to the principle that each project, simple or complex, receives the complete commitment required to convert the engineer’s design to a real-world quality installation that the owner would be proud of.

With our reputation and quality, Easco products are found in over 15,000 locations; including the new World Trade Center, Yankee Stadium, and the historic Chicago building. We deliver our products to the job site, where they are then assembled, tested and certified by an authorized inspector.

Increasing public interest in the conservation of our nation’s water resources has directly affected industries worldwide. Pressure to control harmful oil discharges and spills from industrial facilities have resulted in increasingly more stringent regulations and high penalties for noncompliance.

Oil-bearing waste water discharges occur in many types of facilities, in many locations, and for many reasons. Relatively small but chronic oil discharges result from routine operations – engine and parts steam cleaning; regular vehicle maintenance and wash down; storage tank dike draining; and intentional hose-downs of loading racks, fueling islands and vehicle parking areas.

Fire and environmental codes require that the surface on which spills may occur be fully paved, curbed, and drained so that all spills flow to an adequately sized drain and oil/water separator. In most cases, oil and grease discharge regulations state that “any facility which discharges a harmful quantity of oil, or any petroleum product, and the oil enters a navigable body of water of the United States, by whatever means, is liable for significant penalties for clean-up costs and ecological damage.

Easco Boiler Corp. offers innovative solutions for these problems. Our 24-hour quick response team can handle your environmental cleanup efficiently economically.

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1175 Leggett Ave
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