Continental Steel & Tube Co.

39 years in business
10-49 employees
Top U.S. manufacturer

Continental Steel & Tube Company is a Titanium, Stainless Steel, Nickel, Steel, Aluminum, Brass and Bronze Value Added Volume Metals Supplier & Distributor

We are an ISO 9001:2015 registered company, and have been recognized as one of the world’s leading supplier & distributor of quality metals for over two decades and are committed to quick responses, unsurpassed quality, competitive pricing, reliable deliveries and an exhaustive inventory.

Our experts have years of experience when it comes to large scale fabrication, and fully understand the supply chain, better positioning us to assist with the challenges associated with locating and sourcing the proper materials.

Whether you are in the process of plate forming, fit up, welding, cutting, bend or machining, we provide material you can trust.

The modern aerospace industry demands the most innovative and high-quality metals and alloys. Whether carrying commercial passengers, astronauts, or fighter pilots; aerospace products must adhere to the highest standards or performance and quality under extreme conditions. All the metals involved, including titanium, carbon steel, and nickel are lightweight and offer high levels of strength, and corrosion resistance, Continental Steel is a supplier of a variety of metals to the biggest names in the aerospace and military industries.

The economy depends on cost-efficient energy, and in the petrochemical and refinery industries, in particular, materials must be transported safely and efficiently in order to reduce the risks posed to humans, property, and the environment — all while eliminating the need for accident- and failure-related costs, labor, and maintenance. For these reasons, highly durable, corrosion resistant materials are essential.

Without Oil Country Tubular Goods known as OCTGs, very little work would be done in the oil and gas fields of the world.  OCTGs are products used in the oil industry like pipes, casings, and tubing. These products can be both seamless and welded, and are made from corrosion resistant steel alloys that come in a variety of wall thicknesses and grades.

Continental Steel is proud to be a supplier of high quality metals to the construction industry. Leaders in the construction industry from around the globe rely on Continental’s wide variety of metals, including carbon steel, aluminum, and copper. All of these metals offer different benefits to an industry that demands materials that can withstand harsh environments, severe weather, and exacting standards.

The military uses an extensive range of metals for everything from vehicles to electronics and ballistics. Each branch has specializations that require different equipment designs and materials. Meeting these needs often requires that metals and alloys be tailored to the needs of particular military applications.

It is hard to imagine a modern industry that does not use some sort of metal stamping in their assembly process. Everything from shaping steel to build a massive bridge to preparing nonferrous metals for high-tech equipment demands high quality metal stamping. Obviously, different industries (including the automotive, medical/healthcare, construction, and military) demand different types of metals. At Continental Steel, we have years of experience working with our customers to match the right metal with the right industry.

Manufacturing products for healthcare applications can be difficult due to the exacting standards demanded. As human lives are at risk, medical devices must be safe, durable, and resilient. To accomplish this critical task, healthcare equipment must be constructed with the highest-quality metals. At Continental Steel, we supply a variety of different types of metals to the medical and healthcare industry for a number of applications.

The automotive, racing, and recreational vehicle industry are major users of a wide range of metals. This is due in no small part to the durability, corrosion resistance, and conductivity of many of the more popular metals. At Continental Steel, we have a long history of supplying metals to automotive manufacturers however we have an especially close relationship with the auto racing community. Each racing circuits relies on different types of metals, including titanium, aluminum, and steel.

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