Columbus McKinnon Corporation

113 years in business
200-499 employees

Columbus McKinnon's portfolio of trusted worldwide brands can help you safely and efficiently move your materials and business forward.

With a history spanning over 145 years, Columbus McKinnon is a global leader in lifting and smart motion control technology. Our portfolio of high-quality brands such as CM, STAHL CraneSystems, Yale, Magnetek, Coffing, and Duff-Norton, are solving high-value problems that transform businesses, increase safety and drive business growth and efficiency.

Whether our products are lifting a 47-ton airplane wing, positioning a subassembly at a workstation, or securing a lighting grid for a Broadway musical, the world’s leading companies rely on Columbus McKinnon’s extensive product and application expertise. We are one of the only manufacturers who can offer complete floor-to-ceiling integrated systems for lifting, pulling and securing materials, specially designed for your industry-specific demands.

Advanced system solutions designed for when efficiency and safety are critical for driving smooth operation. Columbus McKinnon's reliable hoisting and lifting equipment and advanced power and motion control technology can be found in nearly every process within the automotive industry. From production to distribution, we provide innovative technology to help increase productivity, safety, and uptime in your facility. Whether your primary objectives are to save money, improve safety, increase productivity, or simplify your processes, Columbus McKinnon can help you meet your goals.

Whether aiding in the repair of a military plane or lifting a bridge to prevent damage during inclement weather, Columbus McKinnon products are used for applications, both big and small, in the aerospace and government industries. With a full line of products, ranging from actuators to radio controls, our solutions are designed with precision and efficiency in mind.

We also supply drives, radio controls and linear actuators that allow for quick action when safety is on the line, whether you need to lift a security barrier, lower bulletproof glass or raise a bridge. Columbus McKinnon products get the job done.

Columbus McKinnon is known throughout the entertainment industry as a leader in providing quality lifting and positioning equipment for riggers around the world. From international sporting events and tours to Broadway musicals and theaters, event organizers and production companies rely on our products to make sure the show goes on.

The path to greatness starts with setting a higher expectation of what we think we can be. At Columbus McKinnon, we work together, guided by our mission, vision, and values, to raise expectations of ourselves and ultimately increase our value to the customers and shareholders we serve.

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3510 N Orchard Knob
PO Box 180600
Chattanooga, TN 37406


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