B & R Stamping

34 years in business
1-9 employees

B & R Stamping manufactures Earth Anchor systems, Mobile trailer stairs and Platforms in Canada. Get custom welding, boat storage stands, leveling jacks for construction use.

We provide some models with holes in the leveling plate so you can bolt them to your frame, to prevent sideways shifting.

The Duckbill Complete provides safe installation in virgin soil,and can be driven into soil classes 5 & 6. *This B & R Stamping Earth Anchor is not intended for penetrating soild rock, hard clay, or compact gravel.

#88- 15/16" O.D. X 5 5/8" (7 1/2 oz)29_100_1542.JPG Class 5 soil (Ultimate) 5,800 lbs. 36" depth Soil conditions of test - Moisture content 7% to 15%. Soil consisted of layers with loose to coarse gravel.

These are fixed stands for office trailers Constructed from 3/16" Angle with a 3/8" X 6" top plate the base is 24" and they are 36" high, They are painted safety red as per the customers request.

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