A.W.I. Industries (USA)

33 years in business
1-9 employees

Besides assisting customer with plastic product developments, A.W.I. is also capable of supporting customers in the field of electronics.

For safety reasons, the National Highway Safety Board in United States does not recommend the use of cellular phones while driving. In fact, a lot of cities in the world banned the use of cellular phones while driving unless hand free devices attached to cellular phones are being used. A.W.I. Industries (USA) Inc. and the Wise Group of Companies developed and manufacture Hands-Free Cellular Phone devices for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM). Such devices allow users to use their cellular phones while they are in the car.

The Wise Group of Companies’ main manufacturing plants are located in
Dongguan, China, an industrial town located 75 miles (120 km) north of
Hong Kong in the Guangdong Province. Our factories are ISO9000, ISO
9001, ISO 9002 and UL certified as well as CE listed. The Wise Group of
Companies has five industrial buildings in China with a total
manufacturing area of approximately 500,000 square feet (46451 sqaure
meter) and a work force of approximately 1,000 employees. In October
22, 2005, a member company of the Wise Group of Companies, Wise
Industrial Company Limited moved into its own newly built 250,000
square feet (23225 square meter) factory building in Dougguan, China.
Wise Industrial Co. Ltd also built a dormitory of 60,000 square feet
(5574 square meter) for its staff and workers within walking distance
inside the gated industrial complex.

A.W. I. Industries (USA) Inc. is the authorized North American distributor of laser diodes manufactured by Union Optronics Corporation in Taiwan. We supply standard Class I laser diodes (less than 0.39 mW), Class II laser diodes (less than 1 mW), Class IIIa laser diodes (less than 5 mW) and Class IIIb laser diodes (less than 500 mW). We also supply custom made Class IV laser diodes (more than 500mW). Our laser diodes cover wavelengths ranging from 630 nm to 1330 nm. Other wavelength such as 1510 and 1550 nm are currently under development. We also welcome inquiries for custom made laser diodes built to specific applications.

With only one moving part, NightStar transforms motion into light. Simply shaking NightStar for 30 seconds provides more than 20 minutes of excellent illumination. When shaken, a high strength magnet generates electrical energy as it passes through a wire coil. Magnets oriented to repel the charging magnet are mounted at both ends of the flashlight. NightStar’s patented Mag-Lev recoil system smoothly rebounds the charging magnet back through the coil, efficiently transforming motion into electrical energy. The energy generated is stored in a capacitor. Superior to a battery, the capacitor will never corrode, can recharge several hundred thousand times and will power the LED even under extreme hot and cold temperatures. Equally impressive, the LED used in NightStar is practically unbreakable and has a rated lifetime of tens of thousands of hours. The full spectrum light from the LED is projected into a uniform beam by a specially designed lens and reflector.

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