Atrenne, a Celestica Company

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Atrenne, a Celestica company, serves many sectors of the defense and commercial industries in which highly constrained design requirements, manufacturability, life cycle cost and quality/reliability are common concerns

Atrenne, a Celestica company, designs, builds and delivers complex, integrated electronic solutions that exceed performance criteria and do not fail, in critical applications. Serving aerospace, defense, communications, simulation, industrial and other technology-driven industries, Atrenne harnesses the power of engineering innovation and integration to develop application-specific solutions that provide exceptional value to its customers.

Atrenne is able to deliver integrated components, electronic packaging, complex electronic assemblies and value-add build-to-print manufacturing services to industrial markets across the globe. With more than 40 years of experience, Atrenne provides innovatively engineered products and services throughout the program lifecycle, from concept to manufacturing to obsolescence management. Atrenne is proud to provide customers with fully-tested, reliable, electromechanical solutions on-time and with world-class quality.

“Atrenne” is an Old English word that means “to out-run”, and that is the company’s mission. We are committed to being the best integrated solutions provider through personalized program management, product customization, continuous flow and lean manufacturing systems, and world class quality through our quality management systems and certifications.

Headquartered in the United States, Atrenne operates in excess of 150,000 square feet of state-of-the art manufacturing facilities located throughout the United States and in China.

As a vertically integrated manufacturer, Atrenne is uniquely qualified to manufacture, integrate and test your system or subsystem. With extensive electromechanical design-build expertise and value-add build-to-print manufacturing, Atrenne is an ideal partner to assist in solving the most challenging issues whether related to design, supply chain management or life cycle management.

Atrenne offers complete system integration services for open architecture systems as well as those that must meet application-specific requirements. As technology advances and requirements become more and more challenging, Atrenne has developed a dedicated, board-agnostic system integration area that enables chassis integration, rack integration and full turn-key product integration.

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