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At ATL, we believe there’s a better way to bring medical devices to market. We use an engineer-to-engineer approach to develop intelligent medical devices that improve the quality of one’s life

We believe there’s a better way to bring medical devices to market.

Long before ATL was started, the vision of this company was created.

While working for a local cable supplier, our founder, Brad Brown (an engineer himself), envisioned a theoretical company whose engineers would work directly with customers—with other engineers—to develop interconnect solutions.

These engineer-to-engineer relationships, he imagined, would enable the company to better identify customer needs and produce a custom-engineered solution to meet those needs.

This approach would improve the development process for everyone involved because the expertise and capabilities of both sides could be leveraged to produce a custom interconnect solution more quickly and effectively than traditional methods.

Shortly after having this realization, ATL was born.

The system of cables, wires, connectors, receptacles, and circuit boards that power your device and enable data to be transmitted from your device to a computer (and vice versa) comprise what we call the “interconnect solution.”

With promising improvements in patient outcomes on the horizon, the healthcare market is shifting toward energy-driven devices and robotic technology.

This has put pressure on engineers to develop innovative devices that can exceed expectations.

For these innovative devices to function properly, they require a custom interconnect solution that can meet the exact needs of the doctors and patients who use it.

Developing a custom interconnect solution for an energy-driven device can be challenging—it requires a different approach than traditional device development.

At ATL, we leverage our engineer-to-engineer approach and experience developing custom interconnect solutions to overcome the challenges of the energy-driven device market.

We begin every project with the end in mind and ensure that you work with an expert from the start—through every design and development phase of every project.

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August 18, 2017

Poor Service and Sketchy Quality

We used ATL to make us a handswitch cable and a connection cable. We already had a manufacturer making these but was looking for a cheaper supplier. I was not the lead engineer on the project but I heavily involved. Even though ATL is based in the USA, for our project, most of our work and communications was done with their group in China. From the initial design drawings to the delivered prototypes, the process was long and lots of corrections needed to be done. I think the real kicker for me was that key feature on the connector was suppose to be pad printed black and the samples that we got looked like it was just colored with a marker or something else that was not pad printed. No matter how it was done, it rubbed off. Later samples rectified the situation but shouldn't have happened in the first place or at least just say, we haven't had time to set up the pad printing so just going to do a temp fix for now. Will more samples to you shortly.

February 4, 2015

Unprofessional company

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