Astralloy Steel Products, Inc.

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For more than 50 years, Astralloy Steel Products, Inc. has been providing innovative and cost effective wear, impact and abrasion resistant steel solutions.

We offer superior customer service with readily available inventory of proprietary and quenched and tempered steel grades. Our success is driven by partnerships with our customers to improve their efficiency and profitability.

At Astralloy, we develop innovative products and solutions for our customers by listening to and understanding their needs.

Astralloy is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nucor Corporation, the largest producer of steel in the United States.

Astralloy-V is a unique, deep air-hardened steel that is rich in chemical composition and physical properties. It is through-hardened and unsurpassed in resistance to impact and abrasion. With continuous impact and abrasion, Astralloy-V can reach a hardness in excess of 550 BHN without brittleness.

Astralloy-V round bars have the same chemistry, uniform toughness and hardness as plate, from surface to core. Astralloy-V’s ultra-fine grain structure, free of massive carbide particles due to its lower carbon content, provides better machinability at its higher strength/hardness level than quenched and tempered alloys.

Astralloy 4800 is a wear resistant steel offering up to 50% additional in-service life compared with a 400 HB waterquenched steel. Rather than just using a high hardness level, the steel achieves this state by using proven and controlled metallurgical mechanisms. Depending on the thickness, various combinations of an enriched chemical analysis (Cr, Mo, Ti) and controlled quenching rate are used, along with the reinforcement of the structure with titanium carbides which help maintain the properties and wearability of Astralloy 4800. Using Astralloy 4800 in processing operations like cutting, machining and forming is no more difficult than processing AR400 water-quenched steel. Astralloy 4800 is designed to provide the optimum combination of wear resistance, controlled hardness and ease of processing.

EB-450 is a liquid, quenched and tempered, throughhardened, high impact alloy steel with excellent abrasionresistant properties. Its balanced boron, modified nickelchrome, molybdenum chemistry is ideal for achieving an optimum hardness to toughness ratio. EB-450 boasts a longer wear life due to its through-hardness which is more uniform than what is found in conventional carbon/manganese steels. This quench-hardened material is competitively priced for optimum cost/wear ratios. This steel’s resistance to atmospheric corrosion further reduces surface pitting. EB-450 is field proven in extremely abrasive bulk handling installations.

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